Introductory thoughts about my blog

The goal is to help get organized about data science (aka statistics).  I’ve a lot of jumbled ideas about this content, including theory but also about the different programming tools that now exist.  My background is in clinical psychology.  Though its emphasis was on the research and practice of psychotherapy (and related psychopathology), I think I’ve always wanted to be in the data.  As an undergraduate, there was only one task where I’d lose track of time, and that was getting to make excel do some things for my supervisor who was working on a memory experiment.

So what am I jumbled about? Well, I’ve been learning R and Python as my primary stat platforms, but that has led me to learning about SQL and databases.  And before that, I discovered Git and Github.

So, I’d like to organize my thinking and work publically, which has led me to decide about how to do that.  I think I’m settling in on wordpress simply because they have a free option with the ability to upgrade.   And then it asks me what I want to name it.  Okay, that’s gonna take some time.

Author: statswhatithought

Teach psych at local college

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