A list of things to read that might help teach stats

another reason to be careful about what to control for...a post showing how controlling for SES differences on success in an exam based on test prep

Time to nix the t-test and replace with glm?

Why not to use Excel,

how to transition from Excel to R

ranking basketball teams

what you should have been taught about regression

General linear models for beginners


visualizing basic stat approaches

So many things to do…

I sometimes struggle with priorities.  Not the big ones, but for instance, should I first learn more python and webscraping, or should I think more about Bayes.

Should I take a course on R and time series, or should I make an SQLdatabase.

Should I try to analyze tweets?  To what end?  I’m interested in politics, government transparency, gerrymandering, basketball, fighting animal abuse, tracking how money flows into political coffers, so many things.

More thoughts about blogs

I’m having to think about a domain name.  Decided to go with wordpress.  Not sure what level of option, though.


Thinking about something like brianholtconsulting.com, or brianholtstatistics.com  Heck, even bhconsulting or bhstatistics  or bch…hmm









Here is a list of projects I’m working on:


Rdbms for a small clinical practice (will be implemented in ms Access per client request)

Writing a course outline for an introductory stats course at the college I teach

Using Python to retrieve basic information from my college’s website (not just web scraping, but interacting with forms and SQL)


This is on top of being a new father and teaching a full load of psych courses, having to learn some new online teaching tech as well.  I’d rather not be teaching online.